Here are some common questions...

  • How many tickets can I get for my family and guests?

    Tickets are not required.

  • Will my name be read at the IUPUC celebration?

    Yes, every student participating in the IUPUC Celebration will be individually recognized as they walk across the stage to accept their diploma cover from the vice chancellor & dean. This momentous occasion will be captured by our professional photographers.

  • Will there be a place to change clothes and a secure place to leave personal belongings?

    No, there are no dressing rooms and there is no secure area to leave personal items.  Therefore, only bring your academic apparel and leave personal items elsewhere.  We cannot be responsible for lost or stolen items.

  • How long with the celebration last?

    The IUPUC Commencement Celebration will begin promptly at 5:30 p.m. and will last approximately one and a half hours. A post-ceremony reception will immediately follow, where light refreshments will be served.

  • I already have a cap and gown left over from a prior event. Can I use these instead?

    No, only ceremonial apparel rented from Herff Jones will be allowed. Orders must be placed online with a credit card by March 30.

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  • How do I get my diploma?

    The IU and Purdue diploma covers are presented during the celebration and will not contain the actual diplomas. You will receive a letter in the U.S. mail from the Office of Registrar Services advising when and how to pick up your diploma.

    Learn more about picking up your diploma

  • What can't I bring?

    Alcoholic beverages, fireworks, balloons, silly string, and signs are not permitted in Columbus East High School. Please respect your fellow graduates and refrain from bringing these items. Do not leave purses, coats, or other personal items in the auxiliary gym area during the Commencement Celebration ceremony. Event organizers and venues will not be responsible for lost or stolen items.

  • Are the ceremonies accessible for people with disabilities?

    Yes, we are committed to the special needs of our graduates and guests.

    Students who are participating in the IUPUC Commencement Celebration and are aided by the use of a wheelchair, or require accessibility assistance, should call the Office of the Vice Chancellor and Dean at 812.348.7226 by Friday, March 30.

    Guest who will be attending may use the designated wheelchair seating at in the rear of the gymnasium, on the ground floor level, which is accessible via the elevator. Ushers will direct guests to wheelchair seating.

    Both students and guests should refer to the map of Columbus East High School to locate the accessible parking, entrances, and elevator.