Participation Form

Instructions for participation

When you complete the graduation application you are asked whether you plan to participate in the graduation ceremony.

  • If you answered YES, then you don't need to complete this form.
  • If you answered NO or I DON'T KNOW and have changed your mind and want to attend, please follow the link below to complete the form.

NOTE: The deadline to inform us of your participation is April 15. 

Your name will be included in the printed program regardless of whether you participate in the ceremony. Your name will appear in the program as it does in the official Registrar’s database.

Commencement Celebration Participation Form

Only fill out this form if you selected "No" or "I Don't Know" when asked whether you were planning to participate in commencement celebration when you filled out the graduation application.

If you did not complete the graduation application form, you MUST do that to graduate. The link below is only for participation in the commencement ceremony.

Go to participation form